Writing / Presentation
Invention and Licensing How to Successfully Bring a Product to Market
Mon. 2nd. Period Charles Hirst
Business English, Discussion, Presentation, Project, Speaking, Web Activities

This class is an active class. Your writing and presentation skills will improve while you learn all the skills to bring intellectual property (3D printed items) to market. The focus of the class will be doing actual real world work of value using 3D printing based upon Project Daniel in Africa and learning how to get Waves For Water H2O filters to those in need of safe drinking water.

Below is a short video about Project Daniel.


Below is a short video about Waves For Water


You will learn about the following: market research, product creation, invention, licensing, intellectual property protection, and marketing.

You will share ideas and experiences with your classmates and business people in the outside world. We will use the following technology to help us with our writing and presentations: 3D printers, digital video, and social networks.

After completing this course, you will have improved your writing and presentation skills. You will know about many different skills needed to bring intellectual property (3D printed items) to market. You will also have shared ideas with your classmates and business people in the outside world using a variety of digital tools including 3D printers, video, and social networks.

Attendance: 10%
Small Presentations: 30%
Midterm Project: 30%
Final Project: 30%


Class Introduction

  • Charles' introduction
  • Your introduction 
  • Introduction to the class
  • Learn writing/presentation skills.
  • Setup technology for our class.


Children With Physical Challenges In Japan

  • Japanese children with physical challenges
  • Learn about market research (wallet project)
  • Learn presentation skills


Project Daniel - 3D Printing Human Hands In Africa

  • What is Project Daniel?
  • How can you get involved? 
  • Presentation
  • Learn debate skills


3D Printing - What Is Possible?

  • Learn how to print objects in the Media Lab
  • Presentation and debate on Project Daniel and printing human hands in Africa using 3D printers


Learn How to Create a Successful E-Commerce Website

  • Learn the basics to create a successful e-commerce website
  • Presentation
  • Explain the midterm project


Learn About Invention and Licensing For Products and Services - Part 1


Midterm Project - Project presentation



Learn About Waves For Water H2O Filters

Learn Video Sales Copywriting + How to Present on Video

  • Write video sales copy and learn how to record and edit video for your website


Present Your Video Sales Message on Camera

  • Learn how to present in front of the camera
  • Video Presentation


Learn How to Market Your e-Commerce Site


Learn About Invention and Licensing For Products and Services - Part 2

  • Presentation



Protecting Your Intellectual Property

  • Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks
  • Presentation


Kickstarter.com - Using Crowd Funding To Find Money For Your Business

  • Learn how to use crowd funding to find money for your business
  • Presentation on what you made with 3D printing
  • Explain midterm project


Final Project - Project presentation



Final Discussion 

I'm very involved outside of the classroom with marketing and intellectual property. If you have any questions, I'm always happy to help! I look forward to seeing you in class.