Integrated Skills
An Integrated Approach to Language Skills
Fri. 1st. Period Ritsuko Ohta
Academic English, Discussion, Intensive Reading, Listening, Speaking, Web Activities, Writing

This class is designed to prepare students for the iBT TOEFL but will be good for those wanting to succeed academically in English-speaking colleges and universities as well. The iBT is different from the paper version of the test in that it puts more emphasis on authentic communication; the test requires test-takers to use not only all four language skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing) in isolation but a combination of two or more of those skills. This means no longer would students be able to boost their overall score just by studying grammar. In response to the change, an integrated-skills approach will be incorporated in this class; students will be provided with tasks that challenge them to use more than one skill at a time. For instance, students will synthesize and summarize the academic lectures they have heard/read and present it through speaking or writing. Students will complete these tasks in pairs/groups in class or individually at home. In addition to these integrated tasks, students will write essays on a variety of TOEFL-type topics using Criterion (online writing evaluation system) developed by ETS. Good attendance and active participation in class are essential.

By the end of this semester, (1) students will develop the essential skills needed to successfully communicate in English-speaking academic settings and (2) students will familiarize themselves with the type of questions, format and length of the iBT.

Assignments: 40%
Exams: 40%
Quizzes: 20%


Introduction Syllabus explanation / Grammar Test


Grammar, Writing & Speaking
PBT (Section 2) / Explain how to use Criterion / Explain the Speaking section of the iBT


Writing, Speaking & Listening
How to complete an Integrated Task (Writing)  / Pair work 1 (Speaking) / Listening Quiz 1


Writing & Listening
Group Work 1(Integrated task) / Listening Quiz 2


Writing, Speaking & Listening
Review group work / Pair work 2 (Speaking) / Listening Quiz 3


Writing & Listening
Group Work 2 (Integrated Task) / Listening Quiz 4


Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening
Review group work / Pair work 3 (Speaking) / Explain Integrated Speaking Task (Reading + Listening + Speaking) & Quiz 5


Speaking & Listening
 Pair work 4 (Speaking) /Explain Integrated Speaking Task   (Listening + Speaking) & Quiz 6


Reading & Speaking
Reading 1 (paraphrasing) / Pair work 5 (Speaking)


Reading & Speaking
Reading 2 (summary) / Pair work 6 (Speaking)


Reading & Speaking
Reading 3 (organization) / Pair work 7 (Speaking)


Reading 4 (longer passage) / Pair work 8 (Speaking)


Reading 5 (longer passage) / Practice all speaking tasks


Final Exam Part 1 - Listening & Reading



Final Exam Part 2- Integrated Task  & Independent Task (Writing)


(1) Students who can take this class are those who attended the first class and those who have NEVER taken this class before. (2) Students will be asked to pay 2,500-2,800 yen for using Criterion.