Form, Meaning, and Use
Wed. 1st. Period Ritsuko Ohta
Business English, Discussion, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary, Web Activities

This class is designed to help students achieve the highest possible score on the TOEIC but will be found appropriate by those wanting to go beyond the fundamentals of English grammar as well. The class will review grammar forms and structures that are most likely to be found on the TOEIC and that reflect the most important recurrent trouble spots for language learners. Students will be asked to complete TOEIC-style exercises at home, discuss why the wrong answers are wrong in groups, in class and finally take some review tests. Moreover, students will know which of their skills are the weakest by taking some practice tests provided by U-CAT (online TOEIC practice system). Although the main focus is on grammar, students will take a short listening/reading test at the beginning of each class and get opportunities for speaking practice on work-related topics  in order to be familiar with the format and content of the other parts of the TOEIC.  This class is NOT a teacher-centered class, so active participation in group/class discussions is essential.

By the end of this semester, (1)students will be aware of where their problem areas are, how they budget time, and what test-taking skills are needed to increase scores on the new TOEIC and (2)they will develop the grammar, listening, and reading skills necessary to communicate accurately and appropriately.

Assignment: 15%
Final Exam: 15%
Grammar Tests: 60%
Listening/Reading Tests: 10%


Introduction Syllabus explanation


Focused Exercise 1
Explain how to use U-CAT


Focused Exercise 1
(Listening/reading quiz 1)


Focused Exercise 2
Sentence structure
(Listening/reading quiz 2)


Focused Exercise 3
(Listening/reading quiz 3)+(Grammar test 1)


Focused Exercise 4
Subjunctive mood
(Listening/reading quiz 4)


Focused Exercise 5
Relative pronouns/noun clauses/conjunctions
(Listening/reading quiz 5)


Focused Exercise 5
Relative pronouns/noun clauses/conjunctions (Listening/reading quiz 6)


Focused Exercise 6
Comparison/prepositions (Listening/reading quiz 7)+(Grammar test 2)


Focused Exercise 7
Infinitive/gerund/participle (Listening/reading quiz 8)


Focused Exercise 8
The parts of speech


Focused Exercise 9
Miscellaneous items
(Grammar test 3)


Introduction to the Speaking section of the TOEIC
Pair work


Practice taking a mock test & Discussion


 Final Exam Listening/Reading sections of the TOEIC

(1) Students who can take this class are those who attended the first class and those who have NEVER taken this class before. (2) Students will be asked to pay about 3,000 yen for using U-CAT.