Discussion and Presentation
Listening and Telling
- Using stories to improve your English
Tue. 1st. Period Nerida Rand
Discussion, Listening, Presentation, Speaking, Writing, Performance

Are you confident in listening to and understanding English?  Are you confident in explaining what you mean to other people?  In this course, you will use drama games, role plays, and techniques of Playback Theatre to practise story telling and listening to live English - no recordings!  You will tell your stories and opinions in class, and you will act other people's stories.  If you think "yes, they are acting exactly what I wanted to say!" then you have immediate feedback about your own communication.




You will learn to listen effectively to real conversation and live English.  

You will learn to clarify your meaning and explain things so that others understand you.

You will learn techniques that will enable you to confidently join discussions in English.

You will also learn "conversation guiding" techniques that will be helpful if you are interested in working as an MC or interviewer.





Attendance and participation: 30%
Homework: 30%
Final performance project: 20%
Final reflective paper: 20%
Extra credit available : 5%



Introduction to the course, the instructor, and what we plan to do this semester.





Role play 1 – popular stories



Role play 2 – sharing stories




Role play 3 – sharing stories



Active listening 1 – non-verbal & conversation techniques 


Active listening 2 – practicing active listening




Story telling 1 – telling & listening to stories


Story telling 2 – helping someone explain their meaning



Story telling 3 – retelling a story in your own words




Summarizing 1 – choosing the main point of a story




Summarizing 2 – practice choosing the main point



Rehearsal – choose teams & format for final performance



Request week – what skills would you like to practice?






Final performance – inviting a guest to tell their stories




*  Before the final performance, you will be required to attend a one-day rehearsal workshop, either on a Friday or a weekend.  The date for this will be decided by the whole class during April, and you will need to then keep this date free.