Radio play project
- Accent, intonation and natural speaking through reading aloud
Tue. 1st. Period Nerida Rand
Discussion, Listening, Presentation, Project, Speaking, Vocabulary, Writing

In this course, we will improve English accent and intonation through different types of "reading aloud" including story telling, news reading, and narration.  For the final project, the students will record a radio play. 


You will identify your own pronunciation and intonation challenges, and work to improve them.

(If you are confident in your own accent, you will be able to try learning to speak English with a different accent!)

You will be able to speak and present in English with more natural speed, intonation and accent. 

The skills you learn in this class will be valuable for those considering careers in public speaking, news reading and other broadcast work, acting, or any career where you will use your voice. 


Homework and class participation: 60%
Storybook reading aloud assignment: 10%
Radio play assignment: 20%
Attendance : 10%


Welcome! Introduction to the course.  Let's check our pronunciation, and use our voices.




TOPIC 1 - texts and speeches

Students will learn about pronunciation, body language and voice required to make simple speeches effectively. 


TOPIC 2 - narrating and reading the news​

Students will practise pronunciation and projection; they will also learn how to maintain eye contact with the audience while reading from a script.


TOPIC 2 - narrating and reading the news



TOPIC 3 - storytelling​ (reading aloud)

Students will learn different types of reading "tones", such as story telling vs. narrating, 


TOPIC 3 - storytelling​ (reading aloud)

Students will practise maintaining eye contact and other connections with their audience.  You will also learn how to use your voice creatively and effectively.


TOPIC 3 - storytelling​ (reading aloud)

The assessment for this task will consist of reading a story to an audience of children.

Pairs/groups for the final dubbing project in Week 15 will be decided. 


TOPIC 4 - reading plays

Students will learn how to speak with clear pronunciation, articulation and rhythm, while conveying the emotion and mood of what they are reading.


TOPIC 4 - reading plays



TOPIC 5 - radio play (rehearsal)

Students will be assigned roles in a radio play that the whole class will record. 


TOPIC 5 - radio play (rehearsal)



TOPIC 5 - radio play (recording)

Students will record a radio play in English, and add sound effects as required. 


TOPIC 5 - radio play (recording)



TOPIC 6 - dubbing project presentation


Students will work in pairs or groups to present a voice dub of a film or TV show of their own choice, to practise speaking English at close to a native speed. 


(Depending on how many students are in the class, the final radio play project may need extra time out of class to finish recording.)

We have so much fun learning this way.  Come and join us!