Academic Writing
English Academic Writing
- Writing for an Audience and Publication
Thu. 3rd. Period Mukesh K. Williams
Grammar, Intensive Reading, Listening, Presentation, Vocabulary, Web Activities, Writing, Critical Thinking Skills

This is a project B level English Academic Writing class where we study how to write short 5-paragraph academic essays, summarize paragraphs and develop vocabulary. If you are interested in improving your TOEFL scores then this is a class you ought to take. We would be using ideas related to human security and national defense in Japan and the world in order to write academic essays. The best essays will be printed in Japan Spotlight published by the Japan Economic Foundation (Website .

After completing the course you will be able to write an academic essay, understand ideas in a paragraph and summarize them quickly. You will also develop your vocabulary and score well in English tests.

① Attendance: Please note that attendance will be taken at the beginning of the class and absentees and habitual latecomers may not get a good grade: 20%
② Assignments: This includes summaries from each lecture class and any other assignment that is requested by the instructor. of about 250 words length : 20%
③ Vocabulary Quizzes: There will be 4 vocabulary quizzes of 5 marks each: 20%
④ Final Essay: With the approval of the instructor students will choose a topic of interest and then after a thorough research write a five-paragraph academic essay of 500 words with an abstract of 50 words. Final essay should be submitted in A-4 size, double-spaced throughout, New Times Roman, and type size 12 point. Do not justify the lines of your paper at the right margin. Number all pages on the top right after writing your family name. The paper should also include Heading and Title: Type your name, your instructor’s name, course title and the date of submission. The essay drafts will count for 20 % of the grades and the final essay 20%. Please submit photocopies of ALL THE DRAFTS together with the final essay. : 40%


1A. English Academic Writing; 1B. Writing, Grading and Submission; 1C. Method of Evaluating the Paragraph

What is English academic writing? Why is it important to write well?


Academic Essay; Vocabulary Quiz 1

How to write a 5-paragraph essay in English—introduction, development and conclusion


1A. Strategies to Write Well--Note-taking, Clues and Signals: 3B. Bronowski's Writing Style

What topics are covered and  average length of essays 


The Cornell Note-Taking Method to Develop Writing Skills

Ways to remember



Publishing Online--Essays in Japan Spotlight; Vocabulary Quiz 2

What topics are covered and average length of essays



Essays and Vocabulary--Paragraph Writing, Thesis Statement and Controlling Idea

Paragraph Wroksheet


Developing TOEFL Vocabulary--Words Often Used in TOEFL and TOEIC

7B. Vocabulary 100 words


GUEST SPEAKER--Lecture by Editor of Japan Spotlight/ Discussing Essay Topic, Defining Essay Topic and Developing Essay Outline

Presenting Economy, Culture and History of Japan through Japan Spotlight


Ideas About Essay Writing

Society, human security, and military security


Summary and Abstracts; Vocabulary Quiz 3

Summarizing Ideas and Writing Abstracts For an Essay; raft Checking


Learning and Drafting Skills--Note-Taking Clues, Signals and Learning Strategies

Checking Second Draft


APA Style Sheet

Checking Draft


Final Essay Draft; Vocabulary Quiz 4

Formatting and referencing


Selecting Essay for Japan Spotlight

Final editing and word limit


Summing Up

Suggestions and late assignments

Since the course will train you to write good academic essays regular work is important. Please do a little bit of work every week and not everything at the very end. Remember if your essay is published in Japan Spotlight everyone in the world will read your ideas. Please submit all assignments in class on the due date.