Global Media in English
- Media Studies, Culture and Identities
Tue. 3rd. Period Mukesh K. Williams
Culture, Discussion, Extensive Reading, Listening, Presentation, Speaking, Vocabulary, Web Activities, Grand Narratives, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

Everyone wants to know how to use the media well and make effective PowerPoint presentations in English. Today many Japanese companies expect their employees to send emails and make company presentations to foreign clients in English. Developing English presentation skills give a competitive edge to students in Japanese companies. The course will use the media, both print and digital, to develop English oral and presentation skills. It will also help students create their own stories about Japan and the world through blogs, emails, mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter and the Internet. At the end of the course students will be able to make a presentation about their chosen projects and get an understanding of the role of media in local and global societies.

The course will help you to develop your English presentation skills and critical thinking using the media. You will discover areas of personal interest in language, and culture improving your TOEFL and TOEIC scores. You will be encouraged to use computers, mobile phones, multimedia and class blogs to make end-term project presentations.

① Attendance: : 20%
② Weekly Assignments: : 20%
③ Class Participation: : 20%
④ Project Presentation: : 30%
⑤ Final Project Presentation Report: : 10%


1A. What do we mean by Global Media and Media Studies in English?

1B. Writing an Accurate Summary

Theories of mass media; the impact of the media on individual and society: Asia in the world--representation and issues




Why Making English Presentations are Important in Today's World

The role of PowerPoint presentation in a global age; speaking clearly and giving handouts

How to make a PowerPoint presentation in 10 minutes with a brief outline?



Media, popular perception and knowledge 

Different kinds of media and their influence on contemporary society; modernity, post-modernity and the media



The Effect of the Media on Personal Life

Using Facebook, Mixi, Twitter, Line and mobile phones 


Media Publication and the Way to Read

Social media addiction and social media behavior



Media & Representation

Understanding ways in which the media frames, covers and represents events through global channels--the use of specific vocabulary in the western media to describe self and others.



Using Computers, Accessing Distributed Networks and Understanding Media Terms

Unique Selling Point, News Values, Anchorage Computer Generated Imagery anchorage etc




The Power of the Global Media and Nation States 

BBC, Fox, CNN, NHK, Al Jazeera, Reuters, etc


The Post-Print Culture and Digital Haunting

Paradigm Shift


Reading Literary Texts

The Virtual Machine


New Media, Time and the World Wide Web

Understanding the media and new technologies


Spreading Ideas through Digital Media

Democracy, Technology, Culture and Terrorism 



Digital Technology, Media and Addiction--Imaginative Literature and Novels

Project presentations and report


Presentations Relating to the Media

Project presentations and report


Summing Up

Suggestions and late submissions

Let us challenge together and let us study together. Let us make a presentation in English. We can definitely improve our speaking ability and learn new vocabulary. We can get better scores in TOEFL and TOEIC.  Please submit all assignments in class on the due date. This is a C level class so please discuss and ask questions.