America and The World
- History, Culture and Foreign Policy
Tue. 2nd. Period Mukesh K. Williams
Culture, Discussion, Film, Listening, Presentation, Project, Speaking, Vocabulary, Web Activities

This is a B level project presentation class where students can choose a theme connected to the United States of America and then make a 10 minutes presentation. We will use ideas connected to America and American Studies in this class. American Studies deals with American history, cultural representations and foreign policy and helps us to understand how people in the United States think about their country and others. After the Second World War the United States became the most important nation in the world. Every nation has some kind of relationship with the United States, which is either profitable or unprofitable. No nation can ignore to understand American history, culture and foreign policy, if it wishes to develop a profitable relationship with the United States. Along the way we would also question the methods and perspectives by which we study our subject by using a variety of evidence such as books, novels, films, and material culture.

Students will be able to critically examine issues related to American studies, culture, history and foreign policy, interact with invited speakers and make extended oral presentations in English. Students will be able to understand and discuss concepts related to democratic aspirations, justice, manifest destiny, unilateralism, American solidarity, national identity and the American empire. Since students will make oral presentations and write short responses in English, they will also be able to develop their ability to understand complex ideas, answer questions posed to them and prepare handouts of their presentation in an organized fashion.

① Attendance : 20%
② Weekly Assignments: 20%
③ Class Participation: 20%
④ Project Presentation: 30%
⑤ Final Project Presentation Report: 10%


Big Ideas Connected to American Studies
A. Why is America important in the the world?
B. What do we understand by the term 'American Studies'?  Handout 1: The Importance of America;. Short Group Discussion. How to write academic summaries


Three Worlds Meet—Origins 1620—The First Americans, West Africa

Handout 2 and 3 Three Worlds Meet 


Three Worlds Meet—Origins 1620—the Europeans and the Columbian Exchange

Handout 2 and 3 Three Worlds Meet


Immigration: The Desire to Be an American

Handout 4 Immigration 


Defining a Person in the United States

SUPPORT ARTICLE: Takao Ozawa v. The US Supreme Court

Handout 5: Immigration Policies; Discuss Project Presentation Topic—one paragraph


Isolation and Empire American west, Discussion on presentation themes; US and the World 1865-1917  

Handout 6 U.S. and The World 1865-1917


The US and the World--Economic Well Being and Standard of Living

Handout 7 The US and the World; Economic Well Being. Presentation Outline


Michael Walzer—The Just War Theory

Handout 8 The Just War Theory


American Foreign Policy—should American mind its own business?

SUPPORT ARTICLE: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders: 

Handout 9


 Extraordinary Rendition

 Handout 10 Extraordinary Renditions 


Muslims in Europe and America; Discussing presentation themes

Handout 11 on Muslims in Europe and America;

Check script for presenation


The American Gulliver

The American Gulliver—Defense and Political power—extraordinary rendition, just war theory, spreading democracy, interventionism and unilateralism

SUPPORT ARTICLE: Postwar Politics and Unilateralism

Handout 12 American Gulliver and Postwar Politics


Huntington’s Clash of Civilization Thesis; In America is it happening now?

Handout  The Clash of Civilization

Handout 13:  The Clash of Civilization



Project presentations and report

SUPPORT ARTICLE: American Transport


Summing Up

Suggestions and late assignments

If you like America you will enjoy this class. Please write your responses and participate in discussions. Remember that class participation, weekly reports and attendance constitute 60% of your final grade. The material to be studied before the class is on the SFC website. Please submit all assignments in class on the due date. Let's enjoy this class.