Presenting Asia to the World (GIGA Class)
- Understanding Japan, China and India
Thu. 2nd. Period Mukesh K. Williams
Discussion, Extensive Reading, Listening, Presentation, Project, Speaking, Vocabulary, Web Activities, Writing, Power of Media

This is an English project presentation C level class where we use ideas connected to Japan, India and China to make project presentations in English. This course will be helpful in developing your vocabulary and ideas to score well in TOEFL tests. We will study about the economic development and political leadership in Japan, India and China and use them to make English oral presentations. There is a growing partnership amongst these nations in business and technology. We will see the example of Suzuki automobiles in India and Japanese companies in China and understand how business ethics and national identity affect Asia.

  1. You will be able to speak in English and present your ideas clearly,
  2. You will be able to listen to speakers on some of the above-mentioned themes.
  3. Finally you will be able to learn about trade, language, technology and academic exchanges connected to three major Asian countries namely Japan, China and India.

① Attendance: : 20%
② Weekly Assignments: : 20%
③ Class Participation: : 20%
④ Project Presentation: : 30%
⑤ Final Project Presentation Report: : 10%


1. Developing Presentation Skills in English; 1B. Writing

Speaking clearly, finding a thesis statement, using PowerPoint


English Presentation Skills, How People Define Asia

How to make a PowerPoint presentation in 10 minutes with a brief outline, using ideas of how people see Asia


Using New Ideas about Asia and the World for Making Presentations

Francis Fukayama and Eisuke Sakakibara; How to do Google search in English; How many power point slides to use in 10 minutes presentation.


How to Understand Asian Economies and Present Them to Others

Growth of China and India; How to add color and information to power point presentations. 


Making Notes About Japanese ODA and World Cooperation

How to locate strength and weakness; How to analyze critically and integrate information in presentation


Using Ideas for Presentation: Representing Nuclear Power in Japan and  the World

India, China and Japan in Global and National Media;

Discussion of project outline



Increasing and Decreasing Populations in Asia--Using them for Presentations

China, India and Japan-- the rise of the new middle class and problems;

Decreasing population in Japan

Presentation Rehersal--Suggestions for Improvement


Adding Information: Understanding Asian and Global Technologies

Mobile, nuclear, digital technologies


Presentation Outline

Theme, Methods and Conclusions



Understanding the Legal Systems for Making Presentations

Strengths and weaknesses of the system--India, China and Japan 


Finding Information about Outsourcing

Automobile industry and software technology--India, Vietnam and China


The Debate about Islam in the Media

Japan and the world; project report


Project Presentation/Submission

Project presentation and report


Project Presentation/Submission

Project presentation and report


Summing Up

Opinions, late presentation/s and summing up 

If you can read the handouts regularly and write short responses to them you could find the classes quite interesting. The same goes for the end-semester project. Your speaking, listening and comprehension will improve. Please try to do some work every week and not everything at the very end. Please submit all assignments in class on the due date. We can really enjoy this class.