Sustainable Cacao Project
Tue. 2nd. Period Alana Bonzi
Business English, Culture, Discussion, Film, Listening, Presentation, Project, Research, Speaking, Vocabulary, Web Activities, Writing, Event Planning

This Project offers you the chance to  learn about cocoa and chocolate, understand Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives by foreign and Japanese companies in the chocolate/cocoa industry, learn about the Caribbean cocoa producing areas,  chefs in the chocolate industry as well as lecturers/students in the Caribbean. Students will be expected to plan at least one event around cacao and chocolate. Thye will invite guest speakers,  publish research and posts on the class blog,  and make  presentations. 

For this semester, we will be working on origin-made chocolates ( marketing and packaging). Origin-made chocolates are made in the same place where the beans are grown. The first step is origin of the beans to link the farmer and country to the chocolate and the second step is chocolate made in the country of origin. This allows for more money to go back to the local community and creates more value added. It also allows the farmer to taste the chocolate and develop a better understanding of the impact of their techniques. 


You will learn about the cocoa and chocolate industry. You will study cocoa production, marketing and cocoa growing in the Caribbean, as well as chocolate making and tasting.

For our Project C, students will be preparing marketing & packaging plan for Caribbean Origin-Made Chocolate. We will also organize an out of class tasting event.

Student presentations (3): 50%
Participation: 25%
Research Reports: 25%


Introduction to the course- Chocolate Game.

Homework: Origins and History of Chocolate


In class secondary research and sharing of findings : Cocoa Research Institute University of West Indies 

Corporate Research Groups ( Business of Chocolate in Japan- Importers, Producers, Innovators

Planning the event- Theme: Cacao Bean Education - In class research 


Out of class Research - Field Research Day 1  

Market and Business of Chocolate in Japan- Bean to Bar



Discuss findings and set up Field Research Day 2

Prepare Presentation Preliminary Market research



Field Research Day 2 Schedule making - Visit on site chocolate making factory.

Your Research Question: What do you want to know about chocolate ( This is for the event- guest speakers/ invited guests)

Planning  roles : Putting ideas together  and deciding research groups

Event and then Research Days : Weeks 5~10

Field Research 

1- Culture, Trade and Entrepreneurship - Starting your own Chocolate Business

2-World Market and Branding Caribbean Cacao Beans- Chocolate


 Presentation Preliminary Market research

Event and Field Research: Interviews- Onsite visits/ Japanese CSR in the cocoa industry


Field Research 1

Onsite visits/ Japanese Chocolate Making and Tasting


Field Research Presentations

Prepare and Publish  Facebook Group posts

Prepare a class project 


Field Research 2

Prepare and Publish Facebook Group posts


Field Research Presentations

Prepare and Publish Facebook Group posts


Field research 3

Prepare and Publish Facebook Group posts 


Field Research 4 
Prepare and Publish  Facebook  posts


Final Research/Onsite Presentations 


Final Presentation  


Independent Learning

This course involves self-directed research, event planning,  interacting with professionals from large cocoa/chocolate companies,  as well as potential field and study trips.

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