Critical Listening and Discussion Skills with TED Talks
Thu. 1st. Period Tiina Matikainen
Discussion, Listening, Presentation, Project, Speaking, Vocabulary

In this course, we watch TED talks about current topics. Each week, the class focuses on comprehension of a TED video lecture. The students will first answer comprehension questions about the lectures, and then move on to critical analysis and discussion about the lecture and its content. They will also have a chance to respond to a few of the lectures in writing. The course also includes student-led projects in which students will be responsible for selecting a TED lecture for the class as well as presenting this lecture with a lesson to the class.

This course will

1.     improve students’ listening and discussion skills,

2.     allow students to practice critical thinking skills,

3.     increase students’ vocabulary,

4.     allow students to practice working in a group and managing a class as a leader, and

5.     improve students’ writing skills through summaries and reactions to the lectures.

Active Participation and Discussion : 30%
Reaction Papers : 30%
Group Project: 40%


Introductions: explain syllabus, class procedures, and student project. Getting to know each other.


TED Lecture 1: Comprehension and Critical Discussion


TED Lecture 2: Comprehension and Critical Discussion


TED Lecture 3: Comprehension and Critical Discussion


TED Lecture 4: Comprehension and Critical Discussion


TED Lecture 5: Comprehension and Critical Discussion


Group Project Preparation Workshop


Group Project Preparation Workshop


Student TED Projects: Group 1


Student TED Projects: Group 2


Student TED Projects: Group 3


Student TED Projects: Group 4


Student TED Projects: Group 5


Student TED Projects: Group 6


Class Wrap-up and Reflection

This class will be conducted only in English and students are expected to use English during class. Practicing our English is the only way we can improve our language proficiency. Students are also expected to actively participate during class, especially during group and pair work.

Note: Missing the final project presentation will result in a failing grade. Also, more than three unexcused absences will result in a failing grade.