Academic Writing
Academic Writing
- The Research Paper
Fri. 2nd. Period Tiina Matikainen
Academic English, Intensive Reading, Project, Research, Vocabulary, Writing

This class will focus on the process of writing an academic research paper in English. Choosing a topic/research question, finding sources, the organization of English academic writing, citing/referencing sources, formatting, and peer editing will all be addressed. The final outcome will be an academic research paper in English.

NOTE: Students should have basic academic writing skills in English already. Without having any experience in writing academic papers in English, students will not be able to complete the tasks in this class.

The objective of this class is to become more familiar and comfortable with the academic
writing genre in English. Although language mechanics (e.g. grammar) will, of course, play a role, the primary focus will be on the "formula" for writing an academic paper in English. The students final product will be a research paper of about 4,000 words.

Students will:

1. improve their critical thinking skills,

2. develop their writing ability, specifically in terms of researching, organizing,                    paraphrasing, quoting, and documenting a longer, research-based writing assignment,

3. increase their awareness of the topic they choose for their research paper,

4. improve their academic vocabulary, especially in a writing context, and

5. improve their revising and editing skills.

Active Participation: 20%
Detailed Outline of Research Paper : 10%
Completion of Drafts: 30%
Final Draft of Research Paper : 40%


Introduction: explain syllabus and class procedures. Introduction to Academic Writing. Getting to know each other.


Looking at an example research paper


Getting Ready to Write: Topic, Reseach Questions, and Working Thesis Statement


Getting Ready to Write: Detailed Outline and Introduction


Detailed Outline Peer Review


Introduction Peer Review


Writing Workshop: Evidence/Claims and Using Sources in Your Writing


Peer Editing Session: Body (1st part)


Peer Editing Session: Body (2nd part)


Peer Editing Session: Body (3rd part)


Writing Workshop: The Conclusion and Formatting


Peer Editing Session: The Conclusion/Formatting


Peer Editing Session: Final Draft


Peer Editing Session: Final Draft


Class Wrap-up and Reflection

Note: Failure to submit required drafts during the writing process in addition to the final draft will result in a failing grade.