Writing to Write
Tue. 2nd. Period Stephen Hofstee
Discussion, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing

This course is a combination writing and communication course suitable for students with a TOEFL PBT score of up to 459, or for students who have successfully completed the Gateway English course.

This course introduces students to the process of creative writing. It will give ample practice and reinforcement of writing skills by utilizing peer brainstorming, analyzing model paragraphs, identifying and practicing topic sentences, supporting sentences to correctly structure writing.

The course is designed to use the students' experience as a base for writing, and classroom tasks will be guided to develop proficiency. The writing tasks will focus on writing as yourself for the teacher, and the process will involve gathering ideas, organizing ideas and turning these ideas into written text. The style of writing for this course is aimed at being similar to journal writing or narratives.

All homework and assignments will be done through Moodle. All writing work in class will be done on a keyboard, so students will be required to bring a computer to class every week. 

In addition to regular participation both in class and online, students must complete all assignments (and complete them in a timely manner) to pass the course.

Plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated.

Students must pay attention to this university’s attendance regulations in this class.

The major aim of this course is help students feel comfortable with writing in English and hopefully gain an affiliation with writing.

Other aims of this course are to:

  • expose students to model written texts
  • provide ample opportunity to write both in class and at home
  • increase workable vocabulary over a wide variety of topics
  • improve use of English grammar in writing
  • introduce to students to formatting written texts
  • familiarize students with the notion of proof-reading and editing
  • introduce citing and referencing where required

Attendance and Participation: 25%
Homework: 60%
Writing Portfolio: 15%


Course Overview, Class Rules, and Moodle Enrollment


What is a Sentence?


What is a Paragraph?


Writing about the Present


Writing about the Past


Describing Actions


Writing about the Future


The Importance of Sentence Variety


The Features of a Paragraph


Topic Sentences


Supporting Sentences


Concluding Sentences


Working with the Structure of a Paragraph


Course Content Review, Free Writing, and Student Feedback


For any student that does not have confidence in their writing in English, I highly recommend this course. It will start with the basics such as sentence and paragraph structure and develop in intensity up to basic paragraph and essay writing. There is amble opportunity to write, and I am sure you will feel more comfortable with writing in English after this course. Maybe you will even start to enjoy writing, like I do.