A Look at Pronunciation
Thu. 3rd. Period Stephen Hofstee
Culture, Discussion, Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary, Intonation, Pitch, Pronunciation

This course is a combination listening and speaking course suitable for students with a TOEFL score of up to 459, or for students who have successfully complete the Gateway English course.

Students will be exposed to a lot listening to aid picking up sounds and comprehending sentences, and through pair and small group work, practice the pronunciation of English sounds, words, and sentences.  Throughout the semester, students will be required to listen to and enunciate sounds, words, sentences and longer texts.  By the end of the course, students should have the ability to better understand or comprehend English, and when speaking, sound more like a native speaker of English.

All homework for this course will be done online through Moodle.

This course is best suited for students who:

  • have TOEFL scores between 425 and 459
  • are comfortable taking instruction and participating in English
  • are happy to perform pair and group work
  • are keen work hard to develop more native-like pronunciation

This course will focus on helping learners to improve listening comprehension by better understanding how pronunciation works, and to develop and practice pronunciation techniques to sound more like a native speaker of English.  Main objectives include:

  • listening to and better identifying sounds
  • practicing and improving pronunciation

Other objectives include:

  • increasing vocabulary
  • developing knowledge about the pronunciation of English

Attendance and Participation: 25%
Homework: 50%
Talk: 25%


Course Overview, Class Rules, and Moodle Enrollment


Consonant Sounds 1


Consonant Sounds 2


Vowel Sounds 1


Vowel Sounds 2


Word Stress


Sentence Stress


Rhythm 1 – Linking, Dropping, Adding, and Changing Sounds


Rhythm 2 – Thought Groups and Pauses


Intonation 1 – Pitch and Prominence


Intonation 2 – Intonation and Delivery


Student Talks


Student Talks


Student Talks


Come along and discover the richness of English pronunciation.  It will be an eye opening and fun course, and rewarding for those willing to put in the hard yards.   I won’t be looking at how to pronounce words such as floccinaucinihilipilification, antidisestablishmentarianism or honorificabilitudinitatibus, but this course will help with the correct pronunciation of some more common difficult words like: rollerblading, miscellaneous, Caucasian, deterioration, refrigerator, otolaryngology, tremendous, third, remuneration and entrepreneurship.