Writing 101
Fri. 1st. Period Stephen Hofstee
Discussion, Grammar, Research, Vocabulary, Writing, Academic Writing

This course is a combination writing and communication course suitable for students with a TOEFL PBT score of up to 459, or for students who have successfully completed the Gateway English course.

Students will be exposed to and asked to write about many different topics for different purposes such as general writing and academic writing.  The course involves pair-work and small group-work discussing the writing tasks.

The writing for this course will be process writing, which is an approach to writing that focuses on the promotion of the development of language use through brainstorming, group discussion and re-writing.  This approach can have any number of stages, though this course will typically be: generating ideas by brainstorming and discussion, extending ideas into note form and judging quality and usefulness of ideas, developing ideas into linear form, writing the first draft, reading of the drafts which are then returned and improvements are made based upon feedback, and finally, writing the final draft.

All homework, assignments will be done through Moodle.  All writing work in class will be done on a keyboard, so students will be required to bring a computer to class every week. 

This course is best suited for students who:

  • are comfortable taking instruction and participating in English
  • are happy to perform pair and small group group-work
  • are looking to develop their writing skills

The primary objective of this course is to give students ample practice and feedback regarding their writing to develop an affiliation with writing in English and writing correctness.  Other objectives include:

  • broadening understanding of writing genres
  • introducing simple research, citing guidelines, and referencing rules (APA)
  • extending speaking skills

Attendance and Participation: 25%
Assignments: 75%


Course Overview, Class Rules, and Moodle Enrollment


An Introduction to Process Writing


E-mail Writing


Letter Writing 1


Letter Writing 2


Writing for Test-Taking 1


Writing for Test-Taking 2


Writing for Test-Taking 3


Academic Writing 1 – An Introduction


Academic Writing 2 – Citing and Referencing


Academic Writing 3


Academic Writing 4


Academic Writing 5


Course Review and Student Feeback


For any student that does not have confidence in their writing in English, I highly recommend this course.  It will start with the basics such as sentence and paragraph structure and develop in intensity up to basic essay writing and referencing.

This course will also look at writing genre: e-mail writing, letter writing, writing for test-taking and essay writing.  Sound a bit dry?  There will be a lot of discussion, too.