English at SFC

Acquiring strength and fluency

As the problem of the “digital divide” becomes more serious, the value of the two tools of English strength and fluency cannot be overemphasized. They are for students who would like to master English, the “Global Minimum”—the basic requirements in order to not be left behind in with increasing globalization and to be active in international communities. Our aim is to help you reach a skill level high enough to be able to respond in English to any situation. We hope that you will be able to take full advantage of your 4 years in SFC’s learning environment, featuring an innovative and advanced English learning curriculum for higher education in Japan.


The meaning of “Project English”

Have you heard about “Project English?” The idea of Project English was born at SFC. “Project” means “researching with a plan.” This includes creating an action plan and checking its probability of success in one semester. At SFC, our Project English concept involves opening up new ways of perceiving the world and phenomena through the perspectives and viewpoints of each individual’s pragmatic standpoint.

Furthermore, we put into practice activities that connect research, discussion, and presentation. The first step, research, is a necessary factor for a group to stay active. There is originality in what we have discovered ourselves, and people naturally want to tell their original ideas to others. In other words, research motivates presentation. The next step, discussion, is a collaboration game, and ideas emerge when one’s original idea resonates with others. The last step, presentation is a very important point for showing these ideas to the outside world.

Since research is a necessary factor for processing ideas, then presentation becomes a tool to open up new possibilities. This process links strength and fluency, which are the SFC English Section’s maxims, and becomes a powerful asset in living in multicultural society.