Important Notes on English Courses

Below are all the important points students should be careful of when taking English courses and some important points about the class system. The most important points are written below but please attend the English Section guidance session at the beginning of each semester. Please also check the English Section website for details about the class registration system, notices, and the Project English syllabus. Please check the main Keio student website for times and dates of the guidance sessions at SFC, registration for the TOEFL test, and English preferred course registration.

If you have any further questions during the semester please come directly to λ307 during office hours (9:00-16:30). For all other times, please contact the teacher in charge: Professor Yoko Hasebe.

English Registration Period

For new students enrolling in April who would like to take SFC Practical English Gateway or Project English, classes will start from your first semester. Students will be separated into two classes, either SFC Practical English Gateway classes (Students with TOEFL scores of 424 or below) or Project English classes at the beginning of the year. While enjoying your new university life, experience this new method of English learning at SFC. We hope that you will re-consider English as something that you can make real use of in your life.

Submitting Your TOEFL Score

New students will take the TOEFL-ITP test at SFC on the same day as the language guidance session. The score will be reflected in registration for English courses from spring semester. A TOEFL score is also required for students in their 2nd year or above. To those who do not yet have a TOEFL-ITP or other TOEFL score, please take the TOEFL test on your own and be prepared for course registration starting in fall semester.


  1. The TOEFL-ITP given in the SFC Practical English Gateway class will also be reflected in level divisions. Please turn in a copy of your score to the Academic Affairs office by the beginning of the semester to update your score.
  2. TOEFL scores from external administrations of the TOEFL CBT or iBT tests are also equivalent to the TOEFL-ITP test at SFC (given in November). Please be sure to check the deadline for submitting the TOEFL score and make sure to take the test well ahead of time. (It will take about 3 or 4 weeks to receive your score.)
  3. You cannot use a TOEIC score instead of a TOEFL score.

Limits on the number of Project English courses you can take in Spring Semester

Without exception, a student may only take 2 Project English classes (4 credits) each semester.

The pre-registration system for Project English and SFC Practical English Gateway (Previously: Basic English 1)

Students must reserve a seat through the pre-registration system for the first English class in the first week of the semester and attend. When there are more registered students than allowed (25 to 30 students for each workshop or project), there will be a student selection process before classes begin and we will send out a notification about acceptance to those who pre-registered.

The Most Important General Points to Remember

  • If you will be absent for the first class for a specific reason such as job hunting, please be sure to send an email up to the day before to the teacher in charge, Professor Hasebe, with a detailed message about the reason for applying and for missing the class. Please be sure to send an email with the heading: “[Important] Absence for the first class / <Instructor’s name> / <Class Name> / <Class Date> / <Class Period> / <Your Name>. Then, as soon as possible, please provide evidence to prove your reason for being absent by email (medical certificate or a participate slip from the job hunting information session). If there is no notice, it will mean that you have declined taking the course.
  • The pre-registration period will end before the beginning of the semester and the results will be posted. We will explain in more detail at the English Section guidance session. We will also hand out a sheet with the most important points so please attend the guidance session. Please do not contact us by email or telephone.